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Post  Philfoula on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:05 pm

Everyone has to agree that the biggest difference in between the anime and the novel is Aramis.

In Sanjuushi, Aramis is a woman. I find it's a nice change. Her story with François and then enrolling in the musketeers is a deep one, and it really creates an attachment with the character.
In the novels, however, Aramis is the character I hate the most. He is cold, involved in secrets and conspiracies, and desires personal power above all else. He literally gave the devil his soul. Don't believe me? Let's look what Dumas has to say about this:

"Des quatre vaillants hommes dont nous avons conté l'histoire, il ne restait plus qu'un seul corps. Dieu avait repris les âmes."
(DUMAS, Alexandre. Le vicomte de Bragelonne. Éditions Gallimard, collection folio classique, France, 2005, p. 843.)

Being to lazy to find an official translation on the web, I'll just do it myself (which might result in poorer quality, sorry):
"Of the four men whose story has just been related, only one body was left. God had taken back the souls."

If God took back the souls, then why is still Aramis alive? Cause his soul is not God's: it's Satan's.
Harsh, eh?
Well, to put us back in the context, D'Artagnan just died, leaving Aramis the only one still alive from the four friends. Actually, while dying, our dear captain of the musketeers said: "Athos, Porthos, au revoir! - Aramis, à jamais, adieu!" (Ibid.) He's basically saying "see ya" to Porthos and Athos cause he'll be seeing them in heaven, but to Aramis he says "adieu" -- farewell, we're not going to the same place!

And ya. I truly hate Aramis from the novel. He's actually the vilain in the third book: he's the one who rescues Philippe to suppress Louis XIV!
But worry not, I love the Sanjuushi Aramis! (I think we all do...)
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Differences Empty Re: Differences

Post  Lyrrinne on Mon Nov 03, 2008 12:08 am

Both Aramis (novel and anime) had hidden agendas didnt they?!
Aramis like most of us know is a anacronism of Simara the name of a Demon... Sure the name fits to the novel Aramis!
Is hard to see how the characters change along the novel... a perfect friendship that ends up in hate and sorrow! pale

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